The Arts Firm provides expert teams that deliver collaborative solutions to complex problems. We work together with you to build a sustainable and equitable future.

Marketing &
Digital Shift

Using relevant data to authentically connect with your community of fans

  • Digital Marketing Operations

    Putting together campaigns that work

  • Marketing Strategy

    Short or long-term planning to reach your goals

  • Audience Development/Engagement

    Authentic communications with your fans

  • Data & Analytics

    Making informed decisions with the information available at your fingertips

  • Digital Production

    Reaching and engaging online audiences with digital content

Fundraising &
Revenue Models

Connecting with your audiences to build a sustainable future

  • Culture of Philanthropy

    Supporting fundraising across your organization

  • Grant-Writing

    Researching and writing grants to support your activities and operations

  • Sponsorship

    Partnering with the community to support your organization

  • Digital Productions

    Ensuring your digital work helps, rather than drags, on your operating

  • Membership Models

    Engaging supporters beyond traditional subscription models

Diversity, Equity,
& Decolonization

A holistic approach for authentic approaches

  • Audit and understanding

    A deep dive into your organizations current practices. Let’s learn and unlearn together.

  • Land acknowledgements

    Exploring opportunities to adapt acknowledgement obligations

  • DEI goals

    Identifying holistic equity informed goals

Strategy &

Putting the pieces in place to plan for your organization’s future

  • Executive Leadership

    Capacity building for leaders and their teams

  • Operations

    Steady and cohesive workflow planning to meet your needs

  • Board Relationship

    Determining the best mix of board involvement and roles

  • Future Planning

    Strategic thinking to help you get where you want to go

  • Meeting Facilitation

    Effective strategies to get the most out of your team

& Ideas

Identifying new growth opportunities to meet your audience’s changing needs

  • Digital Strategy

    Building digital capacity and driving transformation

  • New Models

    Rethinking traditional models

  • Partnerships

    Creating meaningful connections and collaborations with your community

  • Innovative Communications

    Sharing your story in new ways

  • Insights

    Leveraging the most up to date research, data and theories

& Touring

Helping arts organizations reduce their environmental impact and foster a culture of sustainability

  • Instant Entourage

    Leveraging our experience to bring your touring concept to life

  • Environmental audits

    Measuring your organization’s environmental impact

  • Green approaches

    Expert guidance on topics such as energy conservation, waste reduction and sustainable event planning

  • Touring Ecosystems

    Helping navigate a complex and challenging industry

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We’re here to help, when and how you need us. The Arts Firm is a digital consulting group. We work remotely with each other and with our clients.


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