Can a trippy VR film bring classical music to a new generation?

Venezuelan conductor Gustavo Dudamel opens virtual reality film Symphony in Madrid.

By Sam Jones

“After four years and the efforts of 250 people – not least those of the Venezuelan conductor and violinist Gustavo Dudamel – Symphony, a virtual reality film intended to bring orchestral music to a new generation of listeners, has finally finished tuning up.

The film is split into two, 12-minute sections. The first, shown on a giant screen, follows three young musicians in Spain, the US and Colombia as they practise their instruments and move through landscapes and soundscapes that range from the Mediterranean coast to the streets of New York and a coffee farm on a tropical mountainside.

For the second, visitors are invited into the other trailer, given a virtual reality headset and headphones, and urged to take leave of their senses.”

Source: The Guardian News & Media