Five common biases in the workplace

By Harvey Schachterthe

“If your company faces diversity, equity and inclusion challenges, typically it’s because biases are constantly being transmitted, day after day, through systems such as hiring, performance evaluations, and access to opportunities. Those systems must be changed through bias interrupters.

… Prove it again bias is dangerous because it subtly runs counter to our belief that meritocracy rules our organizations. “It’s not meritocracy when some groups have to prove themselves more than others – like Black players [in the NFL] who need more experience than whites to get coaching jobs – and when mistakes are more costly for some groups than others, like Black coaches who are given fewer second chances than whites after a bad season,” she says, citing research. Nor is it meritocracy when a woman musician can’t get a job unless at tryouts she is hidden behind a curtain so then judgment is confined to her playing abilities, as research showed, changing the system at many symphonies. It’s not just NFL coaches and musicians, however, but instances of selection and judgment bias in your own organization that needs to be uncovered and eliminated.”

Source: The Globe and Mail