On Ballet TikTok, a Place for Young Dancers to Be Real

“On TikTok, rather than your technique going viral, you could have your ideas about ballet go viral.”

By Margaret Fuhrer

“Some ballet TikTokers are embodying, as well as calling for, change. Offline, ballet institutions are just beginning to rethink their insistence on conformity, particularly their adherence to rigid gender norms. On ballet TikTok, creators either disregard those norms or challenge them head-on.

Men and trans women showcase their pointe work and balletic femininity, largely to the applause of commenters. Deion Walker (@deionwalkerr), a 19-year-old studying dance at Hillsborough Community College in Tampa, Fla., began posting videos of himself performing on pointe a few months after he joined the app last spring. They soon became a popular draw.”

Source: The New York Times