Calgary Arts Development to help non-profit arts organizations wind down during COVID-19 crisis

By Marsha Lederman

“Calgary Arts Development has earmarked $150,000 for this new program, which will offer help to arts organizations in three phases.

In phase one – exploration – up to $5,000 will be available to help arts groups explore the possibilities of structural change. In phase two – experience – grants of up to $15,000 will be available to help companies secure assistance or expertise around a decision to close or merge. Hiring an accountant, for instance. And in step three – execution – grants of up to $20,000 will be available for companies actually making the move to amalgamate or fold.

“We want to hospice with care for any closures,” says [Patti] Pon, [president and CEO of Calgary Arts Development, the city’s arts funding body]. And she is adamant that they not be remembered simply as companies that died during the pandemic.

“[We want] to ensure that the contributions of these organizations are acknowledged and preserved; that we remember the shoulders on which we stand as we go forward as a community.”

The grants are not intended to be any sort of bridge financing, but a bridge to a different reality. That might include an inventive collaboration or partnership, rather than a conventional merger or dissolution.”

Source: The Globe and Mail