New toolkits for Canadian orchestras

By Christophe Huss

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A study conducted by Orchestras Canada in the fall of 2020 and unveiled this month concludes that 84% of the country’s orchestras have “gone digital” during the pandemic. Beyond the adoption of this tool in their panoply, what are the useful pandemic lessons for the future? Le Devoir surveyed interlocutors whom we rarely hear.

The digital pandemic has favored the “little ones”, thinks Taras Kulish, general manager of the Orchester Classique de Montréal (OCM): “It opened the window to make people talk about us”, while the “big ones”, like the ‘OSM, were rather in operation of territory preservation in his eyes: “Our name circulated in Quebec or Trois-Rivières, which would never have happened. “

Quoted in the press release from Orchestras Canada, where the director of the organization, Katherine Carleton, says she is “overwhelmed by the range of orchestras that have adopted the capture and sharing of digital content”, Taras Kulish argues that the “Pandemic has opened the digital door to everyone”.

Orchestras interviewed include:

Source: Le Devoir