Healing, Redress and the Arts

By Jessica Yellin,

”How should the Biden Harris Administration think about healing and atonement?

Dr. Elizabeth Alexander is a poet, writer, scholar, and President of the Mellon Foundation, the nation’s largest funder of arts and humanities. Under her leadership the foundation refocused its giving on social justice.

We talk about the role of arts in reconciliation, including the Mellon Foundation’s Monuments Project, which looks at how communities tell the stories of who we are.

We also discuss the tension between justice and healing, in light of Joe Biden’s call to “turn the page”. The self work required for the business of healing. The importance of redress. And what national leadership can do going forward to ensure our arts and culture can do to tell all our stories. Dr. Elizabeth Alexander looks to art and history as a guiding light.”

Source: News Not Noise (from December 15, 2020]