Even Indigenous theatre has fallen victim to wokeness

By Drew Hayden Taylor

“Recently I saw the Stratford production of Tomson Highway’s The Rez Sisters. It was about the dozenth production of this play I’ve seen but the first one in about ten years. Full disclosure, I’ve always been a Highway fan. All in all, the production and script holds up remarkably well … once I got used to hearing the word “Indian” being repeated. In these politically correct times, even Indigenous theatre is being affected.

Most BIPOC people have benefitted from the tidal wave of wokeness that has hit our society. For the most part, it has been a positive experience. A few decry the movement. As a humourist, it’s sometimes made it a little more difficult to satirize or ridicule society, but also, as a First Nations writer, I am given a bit more liberty to play around with the changing rules. So many times I’ve heard the phrase “you can say that but I can’t.” Sometimes clawing your way out of colonization can have its benefits.”

Source: The Globe and Mail