The CIO’s moment: Leadership through the first wave of the coronavirus crisis

By Aamer Baig, Klemens Hjartar, and Steve Van Kuiken: “CIOs are facing the greatest challenge of their careers. We are seeing infrastructure breakdowns, denial-of-service attacks, and sites going down because of traffic load. Even as companies grapple with the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is already clear that CIOs are playing a central role in navigating the crisis… Some CIOs have started thinking about these new ways of working to lock in new behaviors, such as eliminating attach­ments for internal emails and only using Slack for communications. Some also see the opportunity to build improved routines around work intake and demand management to ensure the ability to pivot toward only the most essential and valuable work in a time of crisis or reduced capacity… How companies react to the new employee and customer needs will likely shape their competitiveness in the years to come.”

Source: McKinsey