Stage presence: how drama schools adapted to the age of social distancing

Reinventing courses that rely on physical contact is a challenge, but digital training could be the perfect curtain-raiser into theatre’s brave new world

By Catherine Love: “Universities and drama schools are now closed for the rest of the academic year, with teaching and assessment having shifted online. It’s a challenge for everyone, but especially for those subjects – like theatre – that usually rely on physical presence and contact. Just as theatres and artists are exploring ways to share their work digitally, teachers are suddenly forced to reimagine their courses for the online environment.

Drama schools have a particularly tough task. As Lamda’s director Sarah Frankcom stresses, it’s important to recognise that some aspects of actor training need to happen in a live space. “There is no point us pretending that we could do everything online,” she says, adding that the school has thought carefully about which elements of its teaching can be delivered digitally.”

Source: The Guardian News & Media Limited