Concert venues weighing reopening options

By Peter Hendra,

“The introduction of the third stage of the province’s reopening strategy on Friday saw diners, gym members, movie-goers, and others allowed indoors again, provided it’s only 50 people at a time and physical distancing measures are followed.

While that allowed some businesses to get back to somewhat normal, the city’s concert venues remain dark, and could be for awhile, since only 50 ticket-buyers (performers and crew are not included in that figure) are allowed in a venue.

When it comes to a place like the Grand Theatre, which can seat 775 people in the Regina Rosen Auditorium, that means only 6.5% of its capacity is available to use. Those economics make it hard to reopen just yet.”

Includes the following interviews:

  • Colin Wiginton, Kingston culture director

  • Al Rankin, Live Wire Music Series

  • Tricia Baldwin, Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts

Source: The Kingston Whig Standard