The Five Biggest Barriers to Attending Cultural Entities in 2020 (DATA)

2020 has brought a pandemic, fires, hurricanes, an economic recession, and – unsurprisingly – major changes in the top reasons why people with interest do not attend museums and performing arts organizations.

By Colleen Dilenschneider

“While new data on the top five barriers to attendance may not surprise you, they have important implications worthy of consideration. Understanding how and how much things have changed can help us work to motivate visitors to come through our doors.

  • Coronavirus concerns are the biggest barrier to visiting cultural entities.

  • Preferring an alternative leisure activity is now the second-biggest barrier.

  • Public safety concerns are nearly a 30x bigger barrier to visitation this year than last year.

  • “The hassle” is now the fourth-biggest barrier.“

  • Nothing new to do or see” is now the fifth-biggest barrier.”

Source: Know Your Own Bone