Art, After Virus: Seven Questions for a Sector on the Edge

By David Maggs

“Many of our cultural rituals were in decline before COVID-19. Now our cities are broke, our sponsors bled of cash, and older, art-consuming demographics are unlikely to take their seats anytime soon.

… Belief that we should avoid simply rebuilding the world has been expanding steadily as the pandemic wears on. Indeed, the status quo may prove a lonely place in years to come. Further, if ArtsJournal blogger Doug McLennan can be believed, it won’t have much to offer us, either: “Focus on rebuilding [and] we’ll get stuck with a lesser version of a model that already didn’t work very well.” In this case, the work to be done is not in wondering “if” we face a new and unfamiliar future, but how we might do so gracefully, and what we might be left with when we do.“

Source: The Philanthropist