Opera Singers Help Covid-19 Patients Learn to Breathe Again

A six-week program developed by the English National Opera and a London hospital offers customized vocal lessons to aid coronavirus recovery.

By Andrew Dickson

“Called E.N.O. Breathe and developed by the English National Opera in collaboration with a London hospital, the six-week program offers patients customized vocal lessons: clinically proven recovery exercises, but reworked by professional singing tutors and delivered online.

While few cultural organizations have escaped the fallout of the pandemic, opera companies been hit especially hard. In Britain, many have been unable to perform in front of live audiences for almost a year. While some theaters and concert venues managed to reopen last fall for socially distanced shows between lockdowns, many opera producers have simply gone dark.

But the English National Opera, one of Britain’s two leading companies, has been trying to redirect its energies.”

Source: The New York Times